About Mr. Harlow

Michael Harlow, a consultant in education and workforce policy, was elected to the Northwest Local Board of Education in November 2013.  An independent consultant, he has done work for the U.S. Department of Labor and KnowledgeWorks, a Cincinnati-based social enterprise devoted to improving public education.   He is currently available for hire and is presently helping to launch Smarter Schools, an effort to scale up some of the best practices in technology and operational efficiencies in public schools.

In 2013, he testified before the Ohio Senate in favor of the Straight A Innovation Fund and later served as a grant application scorer.  Michael is a consultant with proven track record of building popular support through coalition-building in the education system. Areas include: digital learning, blended learning, workforce development, integration of technology, flipped classrooms, STEM, college and career readiness, sharing services and instruction.

His record of legislative advocacy for education includes success in four Ohio operating budgets, protection from mid-year rescissions.  Promoting education initiatives designed to preserve scarce dollars for the classroom and other developments, he has made over 30 public speaking engagements about education policy. He has testified before the Ohio legislature and presented before more than 25 school boards and community organizations.

Since 2007, he has produced a daily digest of news on education issues.  Originally delivered via email to paying clients, he has made The Harlow Report available online since September 2013. His work has been published at Getting Smart and Digital Learning Now, and has been cited and shared by numerous education policy leaders.

Michael came to education policy through politics, having served as an aide to Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) and later as a lobbyist with the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati.  He has raised over $100,000 for political candidates and political action committees. Additionally, he has provided policy research to numerous candidates and elected officials at Federal and state levels.

He resides in Cincinnati with his wife (known in this publication as Mrs. Report) and two sons, a 3rd-grader (The Hit Man) and a toddler (Baby Report).



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