Good afternoon everyone,

I hope everyone is having a good time at the Foundation for Excellence in Education conference.  Follow along on Twitter with the #EIE14 hashtag if you want to see what’s going on.  Or, you know, you can watch the dinosaur media try and keep up. (Sorry, Washington Post.)

Making news today, Michael Horn writes in Forbes that KIPP is catching up in online and blended learning.  US News has more on KIPP’s bet on blended here.

Rocketship Education’s President and Co-Founder Preston Smith says about blended: it’s not the tech it’s how the tech is used. That’s from the Huffington Post today , but Eric Clapton had that figured out for us a long time ago.  

Closer to home, more on the White House’s “pep talk” to tech-savvy superintendents here from NPR.

Evergreen’s Keeping Pace report, released earlier in November, has some good news and some bad news.  As the pace picks up, it’s harder for some places to keep up.  Hence, I suppose, the theme of the report.  Report is here.

BONUS LINK: here’s another hit from the 80s that always comes back to mind this time of year when the weather gets cold for the first time.  They probably aren’t playing this song much in Buffalo right now, unless they have a really strong sense of humor.