Yes, that will be me today and tomorrow, as the National Summit on Education Reform takes place in Washington DC.  The good folks at the Foundation for Excellence in Education will be streaming the conference and offering a downloadable app.  It will be almost like being there.  Here is the link.

Nice of them to hold this in DC, as opposed to Florida, so none of us tuning in from home will suffer from weather envy… unless you live in Buffalo

Meanwhile… while in DC, some of the nation’s most tech-savvy superintendents participated in a White House event.  This included two from Ohio, Mentor’s Matt Miller and Reynoldsburg’s Tina Thomas-Manning. President Obama gave them a pep talk, though it seems like it should have been directed at the 99% of other school leaders.  This wasn’t preaching to the choir, it was preaching to a convention of choir directors.

Still, attention to the structural issues that are holding back blended learning and other education changes needed to bring our system into the modern age are much appreciated.  More can be found here.