Good morning sports fans,

Thank you to my readers.  I just noticed you made September the third-best month ever and the best 30-day month in Harlow Report history.

Common Core: Arizona school among the first to implement, sees big gains (Arizona Republic)  I think there’s more to the story here and I’ve always cast a wary eye on dramatic gains in one year.  Done right, improvement would take place over several years.

And here’s a story about how Common Core united left and right, something I foresaw very early (Salon)

As a reminder, the Core standards are here.

Teachers are struggling to implement and stories about mind-boggling math problems abound.  I’ve not seen anything like those in my own third-grader’s math book (HMH publishes it) but I am getting antsy, that, one month in to the year, we are still working on place value and not multiplication and division.