No topical heading is going to do this justice.  Just read this. At a local superintendents’ gathering to discuss blended learning and Common Core, an author and motivational speaker presents about leaving behind his life of crime and the role the education system played in fostering it in the first place (The Saratogan)

Innovation: EdSurge lets us know where it’s happening globally

Digital: Xenia OH getting off to a great start with a new superintendent and tech is leading the way. (Xenia Gazette)

Digital Promise: South Carolina district joins League of Innovative Schools (GoUpState)

Campaign 2014: in case my readers outside Ohio are wondering why they are hearing so little about a governor’s race in a key swing state.  Take it away, Mr. Lightfoot. The “gales of November came early” for this Ed FitzGerald too.

Campaign 2016: La Gov Bobby Jindal makes education-related stops in New Hampshire with Gov candidate (AP)

BONUS LINK:  I’ve taken you to Ohio, Michigan, upstate New York, South Carolina and New Hampshire by way of Louisiana.  I don’t know about you but after that gloomy number I linked to earlier, I feel the need to rock out this morning and what better way than with a state we “flew over” this morning.