Good morning sports fans.  

The Bengals are 3-0 and have gone from national civic joke (leading the league in both arrests and Darwin Award recipients) to a classy franchise on and off the field.

Oil and Gas: Blended Learning helping train for jobs in the industry along the Ohio-PA line. OK, it’s not quite as cool as Florida Georgia Line, but very important to the development of blended learning and the regional economy.

Hey, Washington: digital learning pioneer, advocate and parent of 4 students calls for DC to stop restricting the marketplace and let innovation flourish. Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter, a technology executive and former senior federal government national security official, leads a coalition of technology companies/stakeholders dedicated to increasing investment and innovation in the burgeoning U.S. wireless sector.

Speaking of Washington, here’s a piece on learning about disruptive innovation from… Tip O’Neill?  Read it.  Yes, you really can learn about 21st century innovation from a hard-drinking pol who grew up during the Great Depression and has been dead longer than Kurt Cobain.