Rather than confine my #FF to 140 characters and just their twitter handles I will expound on each I’d otherwise include and put their Twitter handles here for easy linkage.

Let’s start with Michael B. Horn Co-founder and Executive Director of the Clayton Christensen Institute, a non-profit think tank dedicated to improving the world through disruptive innovation– including blended.  He writes frewuently for Forbes with his latest here.

Since Michael gave them a shout-out in his last piece, let’s move on to Education Elements, an organization dedicated to creating classrooms that inspire teaching and learning, based (I never let them forget it) in San Francisco. 

I’ve come to know EE from my work with the Ohio Blended Learning Network, a unique statewide organization of public school districts and charter schools looking to support each other and expand the reach of blended learning here in the Buckeye State.  The Ohio Blended Learning network is chaired by Mentor Public Schools Superintendent Matt Miller.  Another leading district is Hilliard, with John Marschhausen at the helm.  Andy Benson is the executive director.

Ohio is making some strides in developing blended learning across the state but one of the leading states involved in blended right now is Rhode Island.  Rhode Island got off to a slow start in its early history, becoming the last of the original colonies to sign on.  However, it is up near the head of the pack now after some assistance from The Learning Accelerator.  My former colleague Lisa Duty is doing some great work there.

Finally, how can I forget the very smart folks at Getting Smart.  Getting Smart supports innovations in learning, education & technology. Our mission is to help more young people get smart & connect to the idea economy.  Led by Tom Vander Ark, this impressive organization is guiding the thought leadership for so many of us in blended, from the front lines down to the policy level.  Carri Schneider, another former colleague, carries so much of the policy and research work, pulling what would be double duty in so many other places.

Thank you for reading.  Admit it, this is so much better than just seeing a bunch of Twitter handles in random #FF tweets.