Good morning sports fans,

Let’s jump right into it, and out of the Common Core frying pan for a bit.

This is what the smart kids are reading these days, compiled by the very smart folks at Getting Smart.  Reading 50 blogs a day can be a bit much, so you can just read mine instead, OK?

Who in Ohio is getting their blended on? There is Edison Local, over near Steubenville.  A Medina teacher earned an award for her class design.  Marlington is getting tech-savvy. National Trail, near the Indiana Border, is going to laptops for their high school students, finding that tablets aren’t robust enough.

“The Real Teachers of Blended Learning” would make a good reality show.  I’ll get to work with the folks at A&E and Discovery, but in the meantime please be sure to read this recap of rookie mistakes from a real teacher in a real classroom. 

BONUS LINKS If Common Core does get repealed in Ohio, however, I do want credit for any use of the CSNY-like “Core Dead in O-Hi-O.”  I’d still like to think I was the first blogger to compare the Democratic nominee for Governor to a shipwreck, and almost certainly am the first ed-blogger to do so.