Good morning sports fans,

What is going on with Common Core in Ohio?

9-17 addition- poll shows Ohioans opposing Common Core by a fairly wide margin. Grain of Salt Alert: while CCSS opposition did take out a sitting Republican legislator in the primary, it appears unlikely to make a difference in the legislature in the general.  Potentially, some state board of education races will turn on the issue. In my own district, Republican Zac Haines is making Common Core opposition a central focus.

Quick update:  the House is moving ahead with repeal but the current Senate Education Committee Chairman is throwing cold water on repeal efforts.  The Governor doesn’t expect it to land on his desk this year.

If it passes the House, which seems likely, the Senate would not even discuss it until after the November elections.  At that time, it will be interesting to see what happens. Will the Senate leadership steer the bill to another committee, a la the House? (Rules or even Reference, for example)?  I don’t see a lot of repealers on Rules or Reference.

If the repeal effort passes the House and dies in the Senate in 2014, it will certainly come up again once the next GA is seated in January 2015.  If it dies in the House this term, it’s unlikely to be brought up again.

Will repeal efforts help or hinder the Gov if he decides to run for President in 2016.  If Jeb Bush, an ardent supporter of the Common Core, is running, Kasich will have to find another way to win over conservatives if he continues to support the Common Core.

So much to consider, so little time.  I’ll do my best to keep all of you updated.