Good morning sports fans.

I’ve got 4 great news clips right here for those interested in blended.

Gallup: poll of college and university presidents showing blended is catching on on-campus and they’re not in the mood for MOOCs anymore.

Straight A Fund: Mentor Ohio using innovation fund to increase its innovation. Mentor is taking it to the next level in its professional development. (Willoughby News-Herald)

Barriers: new report from Clayton Christenen Institute looks at barriers to implementing blended learning and what schools are doing to overcome them (T.H.E. Journal) You can get a copy of the report here

Can Blended Learning save Catholic schools? TJ D’Agostino is the Associate Director at Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) and he writes in EdSurge that Catholic schools face their own problems with being relevant for today in the classroom. I would add that the small administrative teams and constrained budgets they also have to contend  with parents who can more easily withdraw their children from the system.  There is also opportunity and I think his piece has relevance for public school systems facing enrollment declines as well.

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