Good morning sports fans.

After two days of probing the ins and outs of Common Core opposition, it’s time to move on to other topics. (Yeah, I am fully aware my page views will take a major hit now.) Competency-based learning takes center stage today, followed by two days of news and views on blended learning and personalized instruction.  If all goes well, I could be adding something to that discussion myself.

Competency: piano prodigy called “truant” by public school system now a home-schooler (Washington Post) any kind of personalization or competency-based policy could have kept her on the rolls as the best the DC Public Schools has to offer.  Now she is scoring points for the home-schooling movement instead.  So, yeah, the “competency” tag doesn’t just apply to the kid here, if you get what I am saying.

On the other hand, there’s this:

Philadelphia Freedom: two schools set to re-invent learning based on competency models (The Notebook)

Colorado: movement to move beyond grade levels taps into national movement (KUNC) 

College: surge in competency-based instruction models taxes accreditors (Inside Higher Ed) related: offerings surge in Indiana (Lafayette Journal/Courier)

Wisconsin: LaCrosse area students to receive personalized instruction in math and foreign language (WKBT)

BONUS LINK: continuing with our “Great Moments in Seat Time Instruction” series. Man, I am hungry now.