Good morning sports fans.

Looks like there is a market for clear-headed news and a dash of sarcasm on Common Core.  So here goes.

Teachers: survey shows teacher opposition growing.  Either that, or there are far more Tea Party/Glenn Beck fans in the classroom than most of us thought. Here is a teacher taking them apart.(Huffington Post)

Taking Route 180 back to Harrisburg:  Pennsylvania Gov turns against standards he helped implement (Post-Gazette) yes there really is an Interstate 180 in the Keystone State but it doesn’t actually go to the state capital city of Harrisburg. Maybe there’s a lesson there. 

Who Am I? Why am I here?: So, the conservative author who wrote the Common Core standards isn’t really a conservative, didn’t really write them, and isn’t much of a fan anyhow (Breitbart)

Start Spreading the News: New York Gov draws primary opposition from law professor Zephyr Teachout and she opposes Common Core 

Mr. MoJo Risin: well, not really.  Mother Jones a bit behind the curve here. 

BONUS LINK: where exactly does Route 180 in PA go? Williamsport PA home of the Little League World Series. My early pick for Sportsman of the Year was there.