Good afternoon sports fans.  A sports-filled weekend awaits and hopefully other forms of relaxation do too.

Leadership: Brookings study in Georgia and Florida says that student achievement is little affected by who’s at the top. (NPR) This is where the board member in me comes out.  I’ll just say that I disagree.  I’d also question the extent of the study.  Florida and South Carolina superintendents oversee large, countywide districts.  In Ohio, we have 614 districts for about 1.8 million students.  The average school district has under 3000 students.  Districts of that size have fewer central office administrators between the superintendent and the principals who oversee the teachers.  I’d also add that truly charismatic leaders the study cites are rare in any walk of life.  I’ll take a superintendent who can hire and mentor good teachers and principals over a visionary who is good on the podium any day of the week.

Digital Learning: national news outlet explores emerging trends in various forms of digital learning.  I don’t think they’re the first to go all-digital in the US as this implies.  Not by a long shot. Again, nothing Earth-shattering but it’s always good to see the mainstream, popular press validate the work we are all doing.  An even better day will be when it’s so commonplace it doesn’t merit a news story. (CBS)

Bandwidth: blogger makes case for better bandwidth for our schools. (Crain’s Detroit Business) I don’t think this is anything Earth-shattering but it makes for a good read.

You read it here first if you read here yesterday: Rhode Island trains blended learning pioneers (EdSurge)

Ontario: province invests $150,000,000 in iPads. OK that’s in Canadian dollars, but that’s still a nice chunk of change. The article doesn’t say anything about wiring schools or teacher training.   Hope they don’t overlook that. 

BONUS LINK: I went to college in Toledo.  It’s an hour away from the Canadian border. We got there through Detroit.  One of the attractions to going to Canada was that 19 is the legal drinking age.  This song was very popular around that time in my life, though it didn’t rate highly in my circle of friends.  We were more the Smashing Pumkins type.  Nevertheless, we found it ironic that this song share the same initials as the local law enforcement agents. We made sure we were never down with them, either.