All aboard the SS Harlow Report.  Sailing off into the wild blue yonder to bring you the latest in techy topics in education policy, plus a few other surprises in the wide nets we cast here at The Harlow Report.

Blended Learning: MIT experiment launches dozens of startups (Boston Innovation)

Deeper Learning: blended learning and deeper learning go hand in hand (EdWeek) done right, blended learning IS deeper learning

Scaling: EdSurge’s newest columnist asks what “scaling” really means, and a surprising look at who and what have been successful (EdSurge)  now, this is just scaling on a national level.  Scaling in a state such as, oh, I don’t know, Ohio, would top out at about 1.7 million K-12 public school students, and about 2.2 million once charter and non-public students are added.

Tenure: CA’s state superintendent, who is running for re-election, joins the Gov in appealing the Vergara ruling (Sac Bee) which stated that tenure violates the Equal Protection clause in the Constitution.  Two months before the election… now THAT is the age of knowing what you’re made of!

Common Core:  the Associated Press’ latest manifest shows who is on the SS Common Core, which states are jumping off, which states are standing at the edge wondering what to do, and which states never got on board.  Here in Ohio, our legislature is pushing repeal, our Governor is still backing them, and his challenger accuses him of waffling but doesn’t have a position of his own. (Columbus Dispatch)  Then again, the challenger’s campaign deserves a nautical metaphor all its own.

 Legal disclaimer: as regular readers of The Harlow Report know, I am an elected member of the Northwest Local School Board here in Hamilton County, Ohio. The district has been sued by 4 parents of students who were expelled (under Ohio law, a suspension lasting more than 10 school days is an expulsion) during the last school year when we had an incident that led to a total of 14 students being disciplined.  As these things go, I will be providing regular updates here, but am refraining from any independent comment. Here is a local story on it. (700 WLW)