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This is going to be a one-shot blog entry today instead of the usual 6-8 #EdTech Links You Won’t Believe.

Career Tech: job market demands help boost interest in CTE (Bloomberg).  For decades, it has been hard to get kids (or parents) interested in many careers that involve working with one’s hands or doing repetitive processes.  Too many parents hear “shop class” when CTE is discussed and remember “that’s where all the dummies went.”  Over time, that has led to a shortage in these professions, which is only growing by the week.  Don’t believe me?  How old was the last plumber, electrician, carpenter, or AC repairman (and it was probably a man) who came to your house?  Your cable tech or landscaper might be younger, but my guess is that the other tradesmen (and again, it was probably a man) could have been carrying an AARP card in his wallet, if not a Medicare card.  As with many other professions, technology has changed so many aspects of it that our grandparents would be hard-pressed to recognize the job.  

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BONUS LINK: in the 80s, a GM brand which was getting a stodgy reputation tried to reinvent itself with a catchy “this is not your father’s” line of commercials, getting children of celebrities in the car.  Problem is, they forgot to reinvent the product itself, and the brand was obsolete by the late 2000s. Backstory on the campaign you won’t ever forget is here.