The term “Friday News Dump” refers to governments and political campaigns trying to minimize coverage of bad news by releasing it on a Friday afternoon because no one is paying attention, stories aren’t written or covered as strongly in Saturday editions and Sunday news is pre-packaged. By Monday, other events are getting covered.  

I have actually found Friday afternoon to be a good time to release interesting news, to share my findings with others, and to let people read things they might not otherwise get to.  Maybe it’s the way people’s schedules work.  Maybe it’s the vagaries of the news cycle.  Whatever the reason, I find it a time to release news of interest to my readers.

1. Straight A Fund: North Canton gets Extreme Makeover, dollars put to use for tech, professional development, infrastructure (Canton Repository) State Superintendent Dr. Dick Ross came for a visit.

2. More News From The Great White North: well, it will be white in another six weeks or so… Akron focuses on digital needs, offerings (Akron Leader)

3. Blended Learning: PBS explores how blended fits into the future of education (PBS MediaShift)

4. Competency-based learning: career-tech making comeback, a different article than what I posted earlier today but makes the same points, only this time with competency-based learning (Business Insider)

5. Bi-Partisanship: Democratic legislator addresses Republican organization.  Both parties see value in similar meetings taking place in the future. Not surprising to anyone on the front lines in education reform, this was a central topic on which there is far more agreement than one normally expects. (Edgefield Advertiser)

6. The Wrapup of the Wrapup: Finally, the EdTech10 from the very smart folks at Getting Smart, including a big WTF to the NCAA 

BONUS LINK: 50 things you probably didn’t know about Akron.  In my mind, Akron is the most under-rated city in Ohio.  OK, I knew about Devo and the Pretenders, the dirigibles, the Soap Box Derby, and the founding of AA.