Blended Learning: what it really takes to do it.  It isn’t all peaches and cream, as in North Carolina, nor is it all a huge cluster as in LA (Time)

Facebook: flipping your classroom?  Turn to Facebook.  Seriously.  (PBS MediaShift) Related: two great techniques for flipping the classroom (Campus Technology)

Professional Development: teacher-centered personalized development could be the wave of the future (Next Generation Learning Challenges) gets around the painful irony of teaching teachers about blended learning and personalized learning in a decidedly unblended and unpersonalized environment. 

Digital Age: public education finally catching up, overcoming a lot of hurdles, be they financial, institutional or technological. (Huffington Post)

Common Core: despite headline, La. Gov. Bobby Jindal is suing the US Department of Education over Common Core (Washington Post)

Competency based learning: direct assessment programs show promise (US News University)