Quake, Rattle and Roll: as my readers are so well-informed and current on the news, you’ve all heard about the earthquake that struck Napa Sunday morning. Napa is the home of the New Tech Network so many former colleagues from my KnowledgeWorks days are there. I hope everyone was OK.

** Afternoon Update***

Innovation: having the right mind-set is key and Getting Smart’s Carri Schneider dove into that mindset by spending a day with some education innovators on the front lines in Kentucky working on the largest RTTT-D grant. (Getting Smart) also from Getting Smart: a big WTF to the NCAA about online learning.  I mean, with all the other ways student-athletes can cheat, stopping online learning is like cutting down on gambling by disallowing online gaming. 

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Our Morning Edition follows below…

Blended Learning: journalism schools embrace concept. Good idea, since most content created by journalism majors is published online anyway. (PBS Mediashift)

Ed Reform: Rhee change could be sea change (EdWeek) link requires registration

Data Geek Update: How did the Napa earthquake affect Bay Area sleepers? Data from the UP fitness monitoring app will show you. (Jawbone Blog)

Competency-based Learning: coming soon to a career-tech school near you (get with the times, Business Insider). Related: shop class not for slackers as mechanic out-earns peers. (Newsweek) If you had cut this out and posted it on the teachers’ lounge bulletin board 10 years ago, many would have thought it came from The Onion.

BONUS LINK: we leave you with another Great Moments in Seat-Time Instruction, National Lampoon Edition (YouTube) 

Don’t worry, it’s work-safe.