Thank you, readers!  You’re making the past two weeks among the best-ever in views and visitors.  More shameless self-promotion: this is me doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with The Hit Man’s voice in the background.  He did it too. Now that tens of millions of my closest friends and I have raised awareness of ALS, here is the link to donate. 

So… you really like blended learning in theory, but you’re a special-ed instructor and can’t see how it could work in your classroom, given the vastly different (and special) needs of your students.  Well, fear not, for some examples and explanations are at hand in this white paper from Presence Learning.  (T.H.E. Journal) Based on some findings by Getting Smart’s Tom Vander Ark, the white paper offers a guide to some game-changing ways of blended learning for the differently abled.

ICYMI: here in Ohio, Hilliard City Schools is really stepping up to offer personalized learning with 1-1 instruction and blended learning. (T.H.E. Journal)

Competency-Based Learning: Michael Horn on “Failing Fast” and why companies should also embrace competency-based learning (EdSurge)

StudentsFirst: Nina Rees profiles the trailblazing ed-reform pioneer Michelle Rhee, who recently announced she is stepping down from daily leadership of the organization she founded but will remain active on its board. (US News & World Report) and a more thorough analysis from someone who worked alongside her here (The Daily Beast)

Common Core: I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss repeal efforts in my home state.  The proposed replacement standards deserve some examination as well. 

Infrastructure: Ohio schools invest millions in education technology infrastructure (Government Technology)

BONUS LINK:   Here is the backstory behind the Ice Bucket Challenge. Grab a tissue.