Good afternoon everyone,

School board and parental responsibilities kept me from the blog this morning, so let’s do some catch-up now.  You know you want to read this because it’s better than what you should be doing at work.

Developing the Tech: First, we have inventors and creators churning out the latest in education technology (Dell is the link, and I am using a Dell, but this is not a corporate-sponsored blog.  In the unlikely event someone pays me to do this, I’ll be sure to disclose it.)

Blended Learning: Next, we have the people doing cutting-edge work today to make sure that the technology we have can be used better. NASBE helps state boards of education crate policies that encourage blended learning (T.H.E. Journal). “The NASBE articles, written with the expertise of blended learning leaders Lisa Duty of The Learning Accelerator, John Bailey of Digital Learning Now!, iNACOL’s Susan Patrick, NASBE Executive Director Kristen Amundson and writer-consultant James Bogden, explore the strengths and challenges of implementing blended learning policies and the role that state boards of education play.”

Tech Camp: to truly reach their greatest potential, the inventors of tomorrow need to start early today.  In Wright-Patt AFB, about an hour’s drive from here, they are doing just that. (Xenia Gazette) 

BONUS LINK: if you have many difficult business decisions to make, a personal computer might be right for you.  If you want to carry around an extra 50 pounds that is. (YouTube)  The amazing thing is, society doesn’t ever advance without people like these, the early adapters.  At the end of the day, we live (for the time being) in a capitalistic society and if people didn’t but the 50 pound PCs of the Carter Era, we wouldn’t have had 20-pound PCs or Macs in the 80s and 90s and we wouldn’t have smartphones today.