Afternoon Delight….  more links to keep you informed 

Digital: a bumpy road for public schools (KQED Mindshift) in addition to funding and state policy challenges, I am sure my readers can identify a plethora of other issues holding us back.  Related: the challenge of broadband in rural libraries (Government Technology)

Blended Learning: more on Rhode Island’s partnership with The Learning Accelerator to make blended learning into state policy (Providence Journal, AKA ProJo). I am reminded of what TLA said a few months earlier about the importance of getting blended learning off the ground: “in the future, we’ll just call it learning.”


Morning Edition… grab another cup of coffee and keep procrastinating here.

Competency: “Since Horace borrowed the idea from the Prussians, we’ve been batch-processing kids based on birthdays through a print curriculum.” 7 ways state policies can promote competency-based learning, from the very smart folks at Getting Smart. 

Coding: getting boys (and girls) interested in coding.  (Hechinger Report) unless the Earth gets hit with a massive solar flare, the world is only going to get more digital.  Teaching coding seems like a natural and logical progression.

Governance: school board elections oust incumbents, usher in reformers in Tennessee (The Tennessean)

Higher Education: (very higher education) a tweet from a friend at the University of Cincinnati led to uncovering some really great research going on in my own backyard.  As someone with a family history of diabetes and other genetically-influenced health disorders, this research is very important to me. (UC Health News)  University of Cincinnati President Dr. Santa Ono is perhaps the most prolific tweeter of any university president in the country.  He also rocks it on LinkedIn. (My own LinkedIn profile is here.)

BONUS LINK: Carpe Diem my friends! (this time also in Spanish.) RIP Robin Williams