Welcome back!  School is already back in session in some states and will begin in others soon.  Here in Cincinnati, some high schools are going back this week.  I will be making some changes to this blog to allow me to update more frequently and to give me space to make more comments, but today this will mostly be old-style.

Afternoon Update: from the UK… parents must be involved with their kids’ tech (Yahoo) yes, yes they should.  What we also need are more how-to guides for parents and not another sales-pitch seminar, which is what it sounds like our friends across the pond observed prior to writing this piece.

Competency-based learning:  while we were focused elsewhere over the summer, competency-based learning took giant leaps forward

  • U.S. House passes an education reform bill that gives a boost to competency-based learning.  (The Hill) Final score was 414-0. You can’t get the House to vote 414-0 on the notion that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  • Michael Horn sounds the, er, horn for competency-based learning in Forbes 
  • Clayton Christensen Institute notes the power of competency-based learning in job training and the trickle-down effect it will have on higher education: “Over time, the industry-validated experiences that emerge from the strong partnerships between online competency-based providers and employers will ultimately have the power to override the importance of college rankings and accreditation. (Christensen Institute)

Blended Learning:  state policy gets help in Rhode Island thanks to The Learning Accelerator (EdWeek)

iTunes College:  could students download lessons (by the song) rather than sit through an entire class (by the album)?  Should they?  OK, I can’t headline it “iTunes U” because Apple already has it, but the trend for students to lesson-shop instead of course-shop is emerging.  I’d do more of this myself but at some point there needs to be a way to offer credentials based on this learning model. (Marketplace.org)

BONUS LINK: staying inside the lines? Not this year.  And yes, I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.  (YouTube)