It’s not over yet, but after a purposeful break from this blog, I am re-focusing and treating this hiatus as though it were my summer vacation.

While non-blogging away the summer, I have:

  • conducted client research projects
  • taken the family on vacation to Indy, Chicago, and Columbus
  • helped my father with some health issues
  • coached my son’s baseball team to 3rd place (out of 24); with some great talent, we were by far the most successful all-2nd-grade team in the 9U division
  • lost several pounds thanks mostly to exercise (diet has been pretty lousy)
  • walked a 5K, subtracting 8 minutes off my time from last year and finishing second among men in my age bracket
  • made some tough non-academic decision on the Northwest school board (hopefully, we tackle some academic reforms soon)
  • stained a new swing set for the kids, after inheriting it from a neighbor and installing it with help from several other neighbors 

I return next week with a renewed focus on state policy in the areas of K-12 blended learning, competency-based learning, and stakeholder reaction thereto.  The latter will consist of higher education (teacher training and development), professional development, and electoral politics at the state and federal level when factors affecting education are in play.  In addition, I promise more frequent updates and more commentary.