Good morning sports fans. Hope you’re enjoying the nice warm weather.  I don’t hear as many complaints about the heat, probably because everyone remembers our brutal winter all to vividly.  

3GRG: Editorial:Canton City Schools takes smart approach to reading mandate (Repository)

Competency: in boost to competency, Western Governors U gets top teacher training marks (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Data Quality: Massachusetts celebrates its effective use of quality data in shaping student achievement (Data Quality Campaign)

Ed Tech: where are the jobs in Ed Tech? (EdSurge) hint: lots of Giants fans in the industry.

Starbucks: with much publicity, Starbucks announces tuition plan for its “partners” (i.e, baristas).  However, the devil is in the details. (NY Times).  They’re right in that there is more to it than meets the eye, and it puts some risk on the students.  I would add that the GI Bill is not as “free” as it implies and the vast majority of people who have participated are better off with the GI Bill than they would have been without it.