Tenure: not a topic often discussed here at The Harlow Report.  That’s because I tend to focus on trends and changes, and not a whole heck of a lot changes with tenure.  Until yesterday, anyway… when a California court ruled in Vergara v. California that tenure, by locking poorly-performing teachers into the system that educates our poorest children, violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. 


NBC Los Angeles with a recap of the decision


Students Matter provides a recap of the events of the trial.

Students First celebrates a win.

Washington Post This is the same clause on which courts have relied to strike down laws banning gay marriage. 

PBS It even factored into the Florida Recount decision in Bush v. Gore.  

The Heritage Foundation with a history of the Equal Protection Clause

It’s a state court decision, so its applicability is limited to California. I don’t see this coming to Ohio anytime soon.  The appellate strategy will be interesting.   Appellants risk invoking wider applicability to the decision. 

BONUS LINK: previously used as a “Great Moment in Seat-Time Instruction” now re-linked as a “great moment in tenured instruction” (YouTube)