We’re back.  Personal and family responsibilities consumed too much of the past two days.  Things are OK.  Me and the Amazing Toddler got some quality time together.  The Hit Man is determined to end the year (and the baseball season) on a high note.

Also, The Harlow Report is re-tooling.  Stay tuned.  More original work will be forthcoming.  We aren’t taking the summer off.

Competency-based learning: Digital Promise releases report (EdSurge) Related: Competency-based learning makes college credit more accessible to all (Bellingham Herald) 

State policies on competency: New Hampshire bringing it to life (EdWeek) and: competency diplomas slow down, become optional in Maine (Bangor Daily News)


Disruption: we mean this in a good way these days, and here is a reason we are saying that (Financial Times) Related: Upstate superintendents on the leading edge (Middletown, NY News-Tribune)

Common Core:  SURVEY SAYS… superintendents love it, wary on implementation (EdWeek)

Khan Academy:  Khan releases study on its blended learning methods in college (Khan)

School’s Out for Summer: well, not yet, but NCTQ report highlights teacher absences during the school year (NCTQ)

BONUS LINK: 25 years ago.. has it really been that long… this man riveted the world’s attention.  (CNN- YouTube) And “by riveted the world’s attention” I mean “even teenage boys were talking about it at the swimming pool, in the presence of the Wendy Peffercorns of the day.”