Good morning sports fans.  I can feel the summer breezes blowing but there is still work to do.

Common Core: Ohio lawmakers move to maintain state and local control, get state out of testing partnerships (NPR State Impact) Related: Common Core comes up in South Carolina superintendent campaign (The State)


Getting Smart: Ed-Tech 10 gives you the rundown on a number of tech trends (Getting Smart)

Next-level learning:  Iowa district goes big into personalized, project-based learning and away from seat time instruction (CompetencyWorks)

Cleveland: district fires 17 underperforming teachers, who claim to have been blindsided (NewsNet5) 

Reynoldsburg: district noted for its technology adaptation sees strong fiscal forecast (Reynoldsburg)

Tablets: just note the cost, which is $109.99, something to observe when even with group pricing, some organizations in education are paying 4-5 times as much per device (The VAR Guy)

BONUS LINK: you’ve probably seen this on Facebook but I love the “Kids React” series.  This one has to do with DOS. (YouTube)