Tablets: 50 ways to love your tablet in the classroom (EdSurge) “hop on the bus, Gus” is not one of them Related: why tablets aren’t successful in higher education (IT Pro Portal) hint: one reason rhymes with “Space Crook” and the other has to do with writing ten-page papers.

Blended Learning: you’ll never believe this but it turns out that people matter when it comes to quality implementation (EdWeek) Related: 10 blended learning trends (Edudemic) Related: how blended learning leaders choose what to use (EdSurge)

Career-Tech: North Dakota numbers suggest those who “concentrate” in career tech (that is, take two or more courses in the same program) boost their reading and math scores (Bismark Tribune)

BONUS LINK: readers of a certain age may recall this Paul Simon classic about 50 ways to do something else (YouTube)