The latest from Getting Smart: How States Could Improve Online Options and Save Money (Getting Smart) “It builds on the innovative Louisiana Course Choice model and “presents a coherent payment mechanism for supplemental courses that incentivizes quality student outcomes and forms the basis for practical and adaptive state level policy.” It also does not privatize anything.

College: will America’s college kids ever grow up? (Politico)  undoubtedly, we’ve created a large numbered of pampered babies, the vast majority of whom led childhoods just as pampered and sheltered.  The only thing is, they didn’t get out of the cocoon in college.  

Dropouts: how Ohio’s big urban districts are intervening to prevent dropouts (NPR State Impact)

BONUS LINK: you’ve already seen me waxing nostalgic for this game if you are a Facebook friend of mine (YouTube) but I hadn’t thought of it in years until yesterday.  Yesterday, I was able to see some students working on a case-based STEM project, sponsored by Ohio’s Straight A Fund. The students at Sands Montessori have partnered with the Cincinnati Art Museum to develop an app to create interest in the museum.  From the presentations I saw yesterday, designing a game to defend the art museum against art thieves seemed to be a popular theme.