Good morning, sports fans.

Happy birthday, PAC-Man!  The little gobbler turns 34 today.  The game seems rather primitive compared with what’s available today.  

Blended Ed and Competency: New Hampshire uses blended learning to get closer to competency-based learning (CompetencyWorks) In the next year and a half, much attention will be focused on New Hampshire.  There will be more journalists in some parts of the state than there are residents.  Leaders from all over the country will descend upon the Granite State. What a great opportunity to expose the world to competency-based learning.  

Technology: use iPads to extend the school day (Smart Data Collective)  I recall discussing changes in state policies to allow more blended learning in the classroom.  I encountered strong resistance from the then-ranking-Democrat on the House Education Committee, who stridently insisted that such technology be used only before or after the regular school day or on weekend classes students could take at their discretion.  We only had one meeting on the topic.  Subsequent meetings have been a bit difficult to schedule.

Education:  Tennessean columnist- is education a ‘cure?’ Private school head says “The attitude of many is that childhood is an illness that education is supposed to treat.” (Tennessean) We struggle mightily on this with our 8-year-old.  We let him play, explore, learn on his own, with hands-on treatments, use Monopoly to help his math skills, you name it.  Nevertheless, according to standardized tests, and his own grades, the kid can’t read very well, and he doesn’t like to read a book, turning occasions where we want him to read into tantrum-inducing ordeals. (As if on cue, he bombs yet another AR test.)

Common Core: Ohio Senate committee hopes to quell concerns over student data privacy and local control.  (Columbus Dispatch) (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Competency: community college offers competency-based degree (Seattle Times)

ConnectEd: it’s never too late to become a connected educator (Getting Smart)

State superintendents: in yet another state which elects them, an upset in the Republican primary, that, on closer inspection, would only be an upset to political insiders.  (Idaho Ed News) The only female in a five-way race where no one has clear name ID has to be considered at least plausible. 

BONUS LINK: PAC-Man was released 34 years ago today.  Here is the interactive Google Doodle from 2010.