Good evening sports fans.  Business got in the way of my customary morning edition.  We will see how this evening edition works out.

Be careful what you wish for: Haverford U commencement speaker blasts students who forced previously-scheduled speaker to withdraw (AP, Delaware News Network)

Brown at 60: just how much has changed in the past 60 years? (ABC News)

Personalized learning:  Michael B. Horn defends personalized learning and in the process makes a strong case that we all need to agree what it (and so many other terms) is (are) (Forbes) 

Blended: tech improvements needed for North Carolina (Jefferson Post) Related: new private school coming to Boone County (KY) (Enquirer)

Tablets:  devices are falling short in higher education as they aren’t meant for research and report writing. (Beta News)  when I am on a university campus, I see a lot of reading on tablets but very little typing. Related: tablets take swipe at status quo (Washington Post) note that it’s a middle school they’re talking about. 

Career Tech: one student’s passion (digital design) kept him in school (NPR State Impact)

Common Core: opposition in New Hampshire on grounds they are inadequate (Concord Monitor)

Online publishing: how third-party trackers harm content providers and give you a less-than-satisfying expereince (Digital Daily)

BONUS LINK: video presentation on the Brown v. Board of Education decision (YouTube)