Good morning sports fans.  Thank you for making this week the most successful in page views and visits in two months.

Common Core: Missouri legislators hash out compromise (Kansas City Star)  I hope this works out better than the one I read about in history class 

Community college: Tennessee makes two years free to all high school graduates (CBS News) Related: also in Tennesee, school begins transition to digital learning (WBIR)

Blended Learning: 8 ways to build blended learning class culture (EdSurge)

Edgenuity: company branches out of credit-recovery, into digital and into bigger physical space (Phoenix Business Journal)

Tablets: low-cost tablets developed for classroom usage (Miami Herald) and rural Illinois school gets on the iPad train (Journal-Gazette Times-Courier) anyone know how locals refer to this publication?  Seems like a pretty big mouthful for everyday usage. 

4-day schools: experiment ends in Minnesota (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

BONUS LINK: because it’s #FF here’s a Friday pick-me-up song from The Cure, although most folks my age will not regard The Cure as a particularly uplifting band.