Blended: Toledo-area Catholic schools embrace (Kateri Schools)

Coding: coding catching on in schools (NY Times)

Governance: Republican candidates for state superintendent face off (South Carolina Now) the idea of a popularly-elected state superintendent fascinates me, though I am not sure how I’d feel about it.  On the one hand, education could become very politicized.  On the other hand, it stands a better chance of accurately reflecting the will of the people that way.

Learning Management Systems: can schools learn more about technology when they chance core pieces of technology? (EdSurge)

Lottery: after 40 years, did Ohio’s state-sponsored gambling make a difference for education?  (Lorain Morning Journal)

MOOC:  maybe that “open” part isn’t working out so well, paid model gets better traction (Pando Daily)

New Schools Venture Fund: new CEO Stacy Childress comes from Gates, as previous CEO Ted Mitchell heads to U.S. Department of Education (NSVF)

Udemy: developer of marketplace for online courses raises $32 million (EdSurge)

BONUS LINK: a forgotten hit from 1986 by Oran “Juice” Jones.  A little prophetic, considering whose nickname he adopted in reference to the initials of his name. (YouTube)