Former American Top 40 host and icon of my childhood Casey Kasem is missing.  (Twitter feed) American Top 40 is where I first heard U2 (In the Name of Love), Bon Jovi (Runaway) and Bruce Springsteen (Dancing in the Dark.) Pretty majestic roll call for an Irish kid from New Jersey. Sadly, I don’t think a long-distance dedication is going to bring him back.  Ironically, the one I found, from my peak time in the show’s peak demographic, is from Malaysia.

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Today’s Top 10 Ed Topics (and Pete Rose BONUS LINK)

ood morning sports fans and non-sports fans alike.  Thank you for your support.  Yesterday set a daily high for page views and visitors.  Even better, I stuck to education yesterday.  Usually, the high-volume days are when I work a sports or 80s pop culture reference into the headline.  Yesterday, it was a terrorism reference.  Not sure I want to go down that path on a regular basis, but as long as groups such as SPLC want to flap their gums and compare differences of opinion on education policy with slaughtering innocent civilians to promote a political cause, well, it’ll make the news here.  What can I say?

Blended Learning: new model coming to St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Cincinnati’s West End (WVXU) (WLWT) “The funding comes jointly from Los Angeles-based Seton Education Partners and the Cincinnati Business Committee.”


Campaign 2014: education to be issue in upcoming Kansas House races (Emporia Gazette)

Common Core: coming soon to a military base near you (Jacksonville NC Daily News) Related: core critics hold meeting in New Jersey (

Competency: Missouri piloting competency in community colleges (Kansas City Star) Related: competency comes to community colleges with assist from Western Governors University and Gates (Inside Higher Ed)

NAEP: can changing demographic mix explain flat-lining scores? (EdWeek)

NCLB: states that don’t require assessment scores to be used in teacher evaluations risk getting their waivers pulled (EdWeek)

Unions: NYC head declares unions are winning the war against reformers (RealClearEducation)

Vouchers: Florida expansion may help middle class students (Florida Times-Union)

BONUS LINK: Today is May 5/13, as in 513, the area code here in SW Ohio.  So, why not take a moment and remember one of the greatest moments in Cincinnati sports history (YouTube)