Good morning sports fans.

Today is Election Day in Ohio.  Polls opened at 6:30 am and will remain open until 7:30.  Democrats and Republicans will be selecting their statewide, legislative, judicial and Congressional candidates today.  There is a state issue for infrastructure bonds on the ballot and numerous local issues, including school levies.

Common Core: Oklahoma’s alternatives raising concerns (Tulsa World) South Carolina Senate votes to drop the Core (WLTX) Related: Dear Conservatives: Abhor the Core at your own peril (Washington Examiner)


Toledo: new high school will split students by gender in different wings (Blade)

Competency-based learning: the $10,000 bachelor’s degree launched (AP) my father always said that when a company calls itself something, that’s the one thing it’s not.  “Reliable” Delivery Corp, for instance, won’t be reliable.  I imagine that the $10,000 bachelor’s degree won’t actually cost $10,000 (it will cost more).  I will add as a corollary to the old man’s rule that items branded on the basis of costing less time and money don’t usually succeed.  The $10,000 Bachelors Degree sounds as gimmicky to me as 10-minute Abs or Five-Dollar Footlong.  Nonetheless, bachelor’s degree completion that allows students to earn credit for experience and to move along more quickly at a lower cost will prove immensely popular and lend themselves to meeting employer needs better. 

BONUS LINK: back when I had time for this, I would make mix discs with Election Day related music.  Some of my favorites are included below.

“Election Day” by Arcadia

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

“King for a Day” by Thompson Twins

Apparently, 1985 was a very political year across the pond.