Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  I used to make a lot of money in my college days and in the years following by making bets over whom the Mexicans defeated on this day in 1862.  (6 years of Spanish.) Most people, of course, think it’s Mexico’s day of independence from their Spanish colonial overlords.  In reality, it celebrates the Mexican victory over the French army. Really. France had a good military run in the 19th century but not so much in the 20th or 21st, making them somewhat akin to the Chicago Cubs of nations. 

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Deeper Learning: my former KW colleague and awesome friend Dr. Carri Schneider delivers another report on deeper learning (Getting Smart) “Last week President Obama directed the U.S. Department of Education to lay out a plan for strengthening America’s teacher preparation programs, signaling that the national conversation around personalized learning is shifting from a focus on students to the skills necessary for teachers to develop.” What is “deeper learning” you ask? Find out here

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Common Core: will Maine (or anyone else for that matter) be able to teach deeper learning with Common Core? Will anyone be able to tell from the tests anyway? (Bangor Daily News)

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BONUS LINK: cinco de mayo is turning into a Mexican version of St. Patrick’s Day, though I’ve yet to see a “kiss me, I’m Mexican” button or even “besame, soy Mexicano.”  St. Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day are sometimes called “Hallmark Holidays” and my friend, whose birthday is today, calls cinco and St. Patrick’s Day “Budweiser Holidays.”  Anyway, this was the top song in the land this week in 1988, when I had my first cinco de mayo themed party (and probably the only one I ever attended without alcohol being served) in Ms. Harris’ 8th grade Spanish class. (YouTube) For some reason, this one doesn’t get a lot of play in most random “Hits of the 80s” playlists.  A forgotten classic, to be sure.