Good morning sports fans,

My blog posts discussing sports and 80s/90s music and movies get more hits than when I am solely in ed-mode.  This gives me an obvious reason to discuss Donald Sterling. 

Sterling: might as well get this out of the way here.  This is a pretty spot-on look at our “gotcha” culture that has limited what we can be morally outraged over, saving more for the few occasions we can (Matt Walsh blog)  My take is that this guy, with his racial comments and minority mistress, his lifetime achievement awards from the NAACP while being sued multiple times for discrimination, a registered Republican who donates primarily to Democrats, needs to be treated for schizophrenia. 

College: the well-educated barista economy (Wall Street Journal). Related: when college isn’t in the cards. (NY TImes)  Days like this make me hope my son decides to be an electrician when he grows up.  I don’t think news like this from ABC News is going to help in the short term. 

P-TECH: applying the P-TECH model in the North (Channel 13)

Digital: HMH takes Go Math! into home market.  (Boston Globe) we’re definitely in the market for some summer learning apps.

Tablets: Intel’s new tablet built kid-tough (Telegraph) as the parent of a toddler, I’d hope all tablets are built kid tough.  Our iPads are older than our toddler and it will be a surprise if they’re still here when he turns 2.

Youngstown: state oversight board about to make recommendations (Vindicator) a community that couldn’t see past the day the mills would shut down is still trying to cope with that reality 35 years later.  There are bright spots such as the Youngstown Business Incubator, but so much more could be done. A community leadership that doesn’t want help from the outside isn’t going to turn this around, either.

BONUS LINK:  blog title echoes a CD title from a college-era band I used to enjoy: the Cranberries, here’s their mainstream hit off that CD (YouTube)