Good morning sports fans.  Spanning the globe to bring you the latest in education news….

Singapore: country with strong sense of discipline moves ahead of US in tech (NBC News)

Australia: Education Minister calls for setting unis free to develop US-style system.  (Sydney Morning Herald)

Poland and Finland: what can the schools overseas teach us?  (Plain Dealer)

Classroom of the future: High-tech, low-stress (Forbes)

Tablets: 5 questions for parents to ask their students’ teachers and officials about tablets (U.S. News) Should be easy for any organization that’s read up on this (Getting Smart)

Early College: Marysville ECHS gets sneak peek (This Week News)

Charter schools: Walton Family Foundation backs charters (NPR State Impact)

Common Core: Idaho students say test is tough but fair (Idaho Statesman)

Blended: grants awarded for DC schools (Washington Post)

Voucher: compromise reached on voucher proposal in Florida (Sunshine State News)

BONUS LINK: from whence the “spanning the globe” reference comes (YouTube)