Good morning sports fans.  Here are today’s news stories.  Stay dry!

Public education: these 12 most interesting schools could change the way you think about public education (Huffington Post)

Personalized learning: everyone is a creator in the digital age (Cambridge News- UK)

PBL: what it means for your child (U.S. News)

Blended Learning: Where tech meets tradition (Christian Science Monitor) Related: Purcell Marian, a Catholic, co-ed high school in Cincinnati, noted for its blended learning (Marianist) 

Competency: building a bridge between competency-based learning and blended learning (Competency Works)

BYOD: they aren’t hanging up the phone in this classroom (St. Cloud Times)

Shared Services: head of local partnership organization rebuts Cincinnati Enquirer, highlights examples of shared services already happening in the area (Enquirer) it’s an ongoing process that requires regular examination of what can and cannot be done.  

BONUS LINK: today is the state of Maryland’s birthday.  In honor, here is a link from a famous Maryland moment in sports history.