Good morning sports fans,

Ohio 2, Pittsburgh 0 is the score from last night.  Blue Jackets and Reds win, Penguins and Blue Jackets lose. That’s, of course, a reverse from Monday. The Reds won on a hockeyless Tuesday and have the chance to do so again at 12:35 today.

Community colleges: report shows ability to transfer credits to four-year schools isn’t as easy as they make it sound (Hechinger Report)

Common Core: National Association for Public Charter Schools President shows where we started and how we got here with the Core (U.S. News) as a reminder the Core’s standards are here

Blended Learning: funding the shift (Getting Smart) this is the piece linked earlier in this week, penned by Dr. Lisa Duty of The Learning Accelerator, this time without requiring registration

It Ain’t Over til it’s Over:  apparently, Columbus Public Schools continued its data scrubbing into 2013 (Dispatch)

Steubenville: volunteer coach found guilty of allowing underage drinking and making false statements in rape case which made national attention (Plain Dealer) er, rather, it seemed to get national attention until everyone realized that the sleaze who was caught on video excited about the rape didn’t play football for Ohio State.

EdTech: Mississippi school gets technology as part of state pilot (Mississippi Business)

Governance: South Carolina GOP primary for state superintendent gets heated (The State)  Some states do elect a state superintendent, including Indiana, which borders Ohio.  Can you imagine the politics involved in that, particularly in a swing state such as Ohio?  Related: new report from Fordham suggests focusing state education agencies on their core competencies (EdExcellence.Net)

BONUS LINK: 60 90s songs in 6 minutes… can it be done? (Rare.Us) lots of fun times in the decade that began with me as a high school sophomore who wasn’t yet old enough to drive and ended with accepting the job which brought me to Cincinnati.  In between, a lot of great people and memories, a surprising number of which are enhanced with songs I didn’t particularly like at the time.