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Early College:  Cleveland school affiliated with Bard College grants first degrees (NPR State Impact) One of the first pieces of college literature I received was from Simon’s Rock at Bard College in upstate New York.  It offered the chance to go away for my final two years of high school and start earning college credit at the same time.  I laughed at the absurdity of it (probably with saltier language), and so did anyone else I knew who received the thing in the mail.  Glad to see they haven’t given up on the dream and have found ways to make it more feasible. 

Blended Learning: Michael Christensen on leveraging the Khan Academy’s platform to teach about blended (Forbes)

Bing: Microsoft’s answer to Google launches ad-free search for schools (PC World)

Innovation Generation: Partnership from Ohio’s Straight A Fund to encourage students to gain early industry credentials in manufacturing and engineering launches (Newark Advocate)

Competency-based learning: Capella University president discusses the needs of today’s college student (The Hill) Related: competency-based education is the “ticking box” of the U.S. higher education system (The Epoch Times)

Testing tests: Ohio’s field testing of new systems goes well (Dispatch)

BONUS LINK: 9 years ago today, we learned that The Hit Man was on the way. Seems appropriate to play this today in recognition of his favorite activity.