Hello Sports Fans,

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to blog.  Easter, work, etc. As many of you know, I am also a member of the Northwest Local Board of Education. At last night’s meeting, the board made a decision to choose a new architect.  It was a compromise choice, offered by yours truly, which resulted in a 4-1 vote, instead of the anticipated 3-2 vote for another architect.  I think everyone learned a lot from the process, including that we should ensure that the scoring and rating methodology is in the RFP.  The ultimate winner to guide our master planning is the Roth/Lesko Partnership.  

Blended Learning: revolutionary technology hits classrooms (Christian Science Monitor, Yahoo) while the article highlights several networks of charter schools, most operating outside Ohio, I’d like to call attention to a public school in Ohio, Reynoldsburg City Schools that is implementing radical blended and personalized learning through its core budget (EdWeek, link requires registration)

Teaching the teachers: for blended, Khan and Christensen Institute come together to offer trainings (Broadway World, Press Release)

Competency based learning: new competency-based learning coming to campus (Inside Higher Ed) competency based learning is an old idea whose time may be coming again Related: Missouri chosen for competency pilot (KBIA)

Lorain: state officials visiting troubled district (Morning Journal) Lorain has struggled academically and financially for quite some time.  The success of the Early College High School at Lorain County Community College, a partnership that includes Elyria City Schools, has been a bright spot for the district and shows what can be done in a challenging environment.

BONUS LINK: today is Earth Day.  For some reason, I’ve always associated this with Earth Day.  Ironic, considering the amount of waste they’ve contributed to landfills, even with their recyclable packaging.  Recycling is something I’ve always done as much as possible ever since becoming aware of the concept.  I hope everyone is celebrating Earth Day in a far more productive manner, however.