Reynoldsburg: investing in autonomy, personalization, innovation (Getting Smart) the district, centered on an aging Columbus suburb, has been a national leader in the personalized learning movement.  Related: how a district ended dropouts with personalization (EdSurge)

Blended learning: attendance “way up” as Yukon moves schools online (CBC) all of a sudden the challenges of remote access in Ohio don’t seem so daunting, eh?

1 to 1 computing:  9 lessons from those that have done it (T.H.E. Journal)

iPads: they’re sweeping into college classrooms in Idaho (Local News 8)

Common Core: is Obama Administration backing off Common Core? (Christian Post) My view: the administration is creating some space between itself and the Core in an attempt to preserve it.

Testing: an education reporter puts himself to the (standardized) test (NPR) this is something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t thought to pursue it at the correct time.  I remember reading a Bob Greene column circa 1985 in which he went to some suburban Chicago high school and re-took the SAT.  His verbal scores, he said, were actually higher than when he took it in the 1960s. (He was a writer, after all.) and his math scores were significantly lower.  

BONUS LINK: kids in 2014 try to figure out a Sony Walkman circa 1979 (GagTV)  I find it hard to believe that thing only weighed 14 ounces.