Good morning everyone,

Happy Tax Day! Also, the anniversary of Lincoln’s death, and the RMS Titanic sinking. We should have been warned of the Ides of April.

Testing: opting out of tests… where do we draw the line? (Fordham)

Quality Pre-School: Boston finds quality pre-school worth the effort (NPR State Impact)

For Teachers: 9 #EdTech problems you’re facing (Getting Smart) on the plus side, you’re no longer cleaning out ink wells.

Student Privacy: in the Information Age, stakeholders grapple with how best to protect student privacy while collecting and analyzing the wealth of data at our disposal (EdWeek)

Textbooks: Florida puts more textbook decision-making in the hands of the local (Tampa Bay Times)

Student Loans: getting wise to student loan debt (Reason) for many, the new pathway is to get a much more affordable associate’s degree or certificate which leads to a decent wage, then use the earnings from that job (or the employer’s tuition-reimbursement benefit) to get the degree of your dreams.  A tough path, to be sure, but it’s not unlike how many have done it. 

BONUS LINK: not all anniversaries associated with today are bad.. 67 years ago today, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball.