Good morning everyone,

When George Orwell wrote 1984, it looks positively dreadful.  He may have just been 30 years ahead of the curve. From here, the real 1984 looks positively charming.

Digital Learning: university dean and president-designate sees role for digital learning, also sees role continuing for teachers, especially quality teachers. (Huffington Post) Not really sure who is making the counter-argument against which he rails.

Flippd Classroom: you might be surprised about the flipped classroom (Getting Smart) or if you read this blog, you won’t be

K-12 Online Learning: director of online learning at Palisade School District (PA) talks about how he helped build an online learning environment that offers expanded choice for students and plenty of professional development and support for teachers. (T.H.E. Journal)

Competency: two states out west taking the path to competency (CompetencyWorks)

Governance: does school board leadership matter?  Short answer: yes.  (Fordham) As  newly elected local school board member whose district is in need of increased academic performance relative to its demographics, I am hopeful the signs of the study portends my ability to make a difference. There isn’t a whole lot I can do about being elected in off years, however.

Early College: future looks good for Adirondacks with Early College (Post Star)

Common Core: new standards can push schools to increase writing across the curriculum (Hechinger Report) Related: parental revolt against Core prompts some states to take action (Fox News)

Third Grade Guarantee: how the slow path to reading is the fast track to dropping out (NPR State Impact)

BONUS LINK- 30 years ago today, this was the top song in the land.  If one considers the age of the characters and not the age of the actors, Wren is older now than the rev was then.