Good morning everyone,

Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Major League.  Did you know Charlie Sheen took steroids to become “The Wild Thing?” (Personally, I didn’t think he needed such help.)  With my hometown Reds (2-5) playing like the 1989 version of the real-life and movie Indians (complete with allowing a pinch-hit, walk-off grand slam), it’s a good time to look back.  Here is the original trailer.  My favorite line is the last one in the trailer, which didn’t make the final cut.

Common Core: Florida pays Utah $5.4 to “rent” Common Core test (Deseret News) hard to believe that Florida didn’t have a major league team in 1989 and finally has one… plus the Miami Marlins.

iPads: Whittier (CA) Christian brings iPads to the classroom (Whittier Daily News) a future U.S. President grew up in tiny old Whittier, really.

P-Tech: more coming to the Big Apple after Federal grant wins (Chalkbeat) great to see my former colleagues at KnowledgeWorks launch such a successful partnership. Related: (sort of) Toledo gets career-connect grant (NPR State Impact)

School funding: Kansas delivers funds to rural poor schools to comply with Supreme Court ruling, also eliminates teacher tenure (Wichita Eagle)

BONUS LINK: I didn’t exactly get afflicted with March Madness this year for a variety of reasons… but here is some Madness to get you going anyway.