A little Cool Hand Luke to start off your cool, cloudy Monday…

Common Core: Kansas’ repeal would be more far-reaching that Indiana’s or Oklahoma’s and, legally, leave the state with no standards (Fordham)  as a reminder to all sides of the arguments, the standards are here. Be sure to note the parts where students are reduced to stressed-out bubble-fillers and the parts where students are indoctrinated for the good of the collective.

Competency: some food for thought on mapping learning progressions (CompetencyWorks)

Seat Time Instruction:  the voice of the disgruntled student in a boring class (Getting Smart)

Digital: Former Kaplan chief creates learning hub for the digital age (New York Times)

Higher Ed Bubble: costs continue to rise, relative to benefits (Town Hall) people continue to live in homes after the real estate bubble popped and I suspect people will still go to college in the future.  Bubbles have a way of wiping out a lot of bloat when they pop and I have a feeling that is making some on the left very nervous and defensive right now.

P-TECH: new school model comes to CT  (It’s Relevant, Norwalk Edition) 

Community schools: not the technical term for charter schools, the other kind…getting national attention in Cincinnati (WKEF)

BONUS LINK: the common thread in advocating for change in education is the resistance of the status quo, which is unwilling or unable to accept change and so refuses to listen to arguments. I’m not advising shoving people down the hill if they won’t listen to others.  Instead, the warden represents the change that will shove the defenders of the status quo off their perches.  It’s strange times indeed when the forces of change are represented by an establishment figure.  (YouTube)