Good morning everyone,

Jury duty is adjourned for the week, another awaits. As the Midwest tries to keep its head (and its crops) above water, I had planned to mark today/tomorrow as the 20th anni of Nirvana frontman and soundtrack-of-my-undergrad-days producer Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Fitting, then, for the Seattle-like weather most of us get to enjoy.  Instead, I found some other milestone to observe, as you’ll see in the BONUS LINK.

Blended Learning: could local innovation networks be key to adopting blended learning? (Christensen Institute) I think the answer is yes because these networks are the very sort of bottom-up, experience-sharing organisms which tend to spur effective innovation.  

Common Core: don’t blame Core for bad math problems (The Atlantic)

MOOC: Educase teams up with Central Florida for blended learning MOOC (Campus Technology)

Calamity Days: Clevelanders and Toledoans get extra homework to make up some snow days (Fox 8)  (NBC 24) as my Facebook followers know, my son was lobbying for a “rain delay” from school yesterday.

Tablets: Cal State University-San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus will host free class on using tablet technology to meet Common Core (Desert Sun) I have an idea for a free marketing course: coming up with a better, simpler name for the school.

BONUS LINK: as regular readers of this blog know, I am a baseball fan and a history buff and have no hesitation about working these references into education policy.   I stumbled across this piece last night and it struck me as a “Mindset List in Reverse” about Cubs fans.  20 Events Since Cubs Won a World Series in 1908 I will add a few: Russia had a czar and two revolutions; the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires were still around, from which many Chicagoans of the time had fled; 9 U.S. Presidents and 3 U.S. Presidents’ parents have been born