Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a fun and productive weekend, and have found yet another team to get behind in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Kentucky, Connecticut, Florida, and Wisconsin remain.  The Hit Man is pulling for Kentucky because it’s a “Monopoly state” if that helps in your decision-making.

iPads: 604 teachers in the 405 get iPads via wish lists. (San Jose Mercury)

Blended Learning: video shows it coming to local class (Jacksonville Business Journal) 

Career-Tech: this is not your parents’ shop class (Canton Repository) 

Attendance: iBeacon app helps teachers take attendance (Personal Finance Hub) seems a bit Orwellian but at least the chips aren’t implantedin the kids

Latin: student takes full load of classes, plus learns Latin online (Getting Smart) carpe diem my friend. Student in a heavily Lutheran state learns the language of the Catholic Church online, from a Mormon school. Now, THAT is some twenty-first century learning! 

BONUS LINK: the inside story behind the phrase “not your (insert parent)’s _________” (Gods of Advertising) Never mind that the brand in question didn’t make it more than 20 years after the advertising.