Competency-based learning:  University of New England taking the lead on new model (Press-Herald) Related: competency-based learning isn’t a panacea–it isn’t meant to be–but defenders of the traditional classroom need to puff it up to put it down.  (Inside Higher Ed) if only they’d adopt that critical thinking, analysis, and inquiry they’re so famous for insisting the traditional seat-time lectures instills.

Straight A Fund: Ohio schools compete for $150 million this time around (NPR State Impact)

Blended Learning: 6 ways to be a better teacher (Campus Technology) 

Tech: snapshot of a kindergarten classroom, Clovis, NM 2014 (Clovis News Journal)

Common Core: business defends Core in Oklahoma, as it is currently under attack. (Tulsa World) It’s a little early to refer to it in the past.

P-TECH: building real-world skills in Albany (Times Union)

BONUS LINK: 20 years ago, this was the number one song in the land.  There have been better, there have been worse, there have been hits from more obscure countries, but my college friends and I saw this song’s popularity as a sign of Western Civilization’s inevitable decline.